Company Maintenance

After an entity is established, in compliance with regulations, accounting and bookkeeping must be started within 15 days after company establishment and taxes must be filed online starting from the following month after establishment.


This is where we come in. We can take care of any financial services that you need including bookkeeping, tax filings, payroll and more. You can spend your time growing your business and not worrying about your finance system operations. 

Company Registration


WealthSharings provides service on establishing different kinds of entities, Wholly-Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), Representative Office (RO) and more. Based on professional experience, we then recommend a type of entity that best matches client requirements. Tax liabilities can differ from different types and an early appraisal can help ensure better taxation planning and a lower rate.


Since the beginning, we realized that cases vary in both structure and liabilities. As a result, weve been categorizing and researching each case to build a real world and invaluable knowledge bank. This helps to ensure that you get targeted and effective service that really works.


We also provide the services to keep your enterprise legal and current in compliance with local related regulations such as tax, accounting issues, working visa applications and trade mark applications.

Customised Services

We provide accounting and taxation related services in needs based on clients' request that includes but not limits to internal information infrastructure setting, internal processes design and internal control, financial staff recruitment, seasonal supports as well as position deligence audit etc..  

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